Squirting Orgasm: How To Make Women Squirt When Cumming

Introduction : What Is Squirting

The best way to understand how squirting works and just what female ejaculation is all about is to get better acquainted with the science behind it. Squirting ( a powerful fluid gushing orgasm) can be a bit of a controversial subject for many, with some believing that squirting is a myth, and others who firmly believe that female ejaculation, other wise known as cumming, can be achieved by just about woman when experiencing the right touch.
To get to the bottom of this, let’s take a look at the science behind the squirt, and just what occurs when a woman is cumming. The first thing you’ll need to learn about to get to the science behind the squirt is the Skene Gland, and this is the epicenter for female squirting orgasms. The Skene Gland is a tiny gland located about 2 to 3 inches inside of the vagina, and when stimulated, this gland fills with fluid that will need to be released. The fluid emitted from the Skene Gland comes out of the urethra, leading many to believe that female ejaculate is actually urine, but the fluid that comes from the Skene Gland is anything but.
When the gland is stimulated through the vagina, it will begin to swell and fill up with fluid, and this fluid is released upon climax. The Skene Gland can be stimulated through the vagina pretty easily, and the spot you want to reach to hit it is the urethral sponge better known as the G spot. The G spot can be found and felt by inserting a finger or 2 into the vaginal opening, palm up, and around 2 to 3 inches inside. Make a “come hither” motion with your finger or fingers, and if you’re in the right area, you should feel a squishy area about the size and shape of a walnut that gradually gets firmer the more it’s stimulated. Open communication with your partner can ensure that you’re reaching areas that feel good, and that you’re likely in the correct location.
When the Skene Gland is stimulated through the G spot, it will begin to fill up with fluid, and when full, it will then release the ejaculate through the urethra upon orgasm. Many women find G spot orgasms with Skene Gland stimulation are some of the most intense, and feel completely different to a clitoral or “outer” orgasm.
Making Her Squirt

Like we noted earlier just about all sexually healthy women are capable of full-body squirting orgasms, and they’re probably the best way to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom. So, what should you expect when you first set out to give a woman a squirting orgasm?
First of all you’re going to want to focus on, first and foremost, being very close with your partner. Focus on just having a great connection and not having super crazy expectations. I promise you that will make it a lot easier for it to just happen. You certainly don’t want her to have any expectation that she has to squirt, otherwise she’s not going to be able to get it out of her head.
As you probably or hopefully already know, the mental side of things is the bigger part of getting her to orgasm in the first place. So if you tell her, “Hey, I’m gonna give you a squirting orgasm,” she’ll have all kinds of expectations for herself that is gonna not allow her to actually let go and actually have the orgasm.
So that is going to work against you. Now, when you set out, and you are actually going down there to use a G-spot technique, and you go inside of her, your expectation at that point should be to just give her a vaginal orgasm. See what her body responds to.
Is she very vaginally orgasmic? Has she ever had a vaginal orgasm before? These are things that you need to understand about her body first. As you touch her and use different techniques, pay attention to the way she reacts and her body movements. Whichever one that she responds to the most, as you continue to stimulate that area, keep doing it. Again, your goal is to just give her a vaginal orgasm. You’ll begin to feel the front wall of her vagina start to swell up. That’s the urethral sponge (G-spot), the female prostate, and as it begins to swell, that’s the ejaculate fluid.
You’ll know that she’s getting close to having a vaginal orgasm. Now, at the time that she has the vaginal orgasm, she needs to push out. Some women, which is understandable, will oftentimes clamp their PC muscle and not let the ejaculate come out which will kind of rob her of most of the orgasm. She won’t be able to have that release. She’ll hold back. It’ll still be a vaginal orgasm, but she won’t get that full release that comes with it. In the case you’re kind of up against her expectation of her own body.
To her, she may feel as though she will pee the bed. She may not understand if she’s never ejaculated before that it’s okay to push it out. What you want to do is not have a conversation about squirting orgasms, but as you feel her getting close to having that ejaculation and having that vaginal orgasm, say to her “Push out.” Oftentimes, she’s already so outside of her mind, she’s so into letting you take charge, take control, just the command, “Push out,” when you know she’s having a vaginal orgasm will get her to push out.
She’ll surprise herself and have the squirting orgasm. On the other hand, if she’s never done that before, she may be resistant to that, so be okay with that. You’re at the point where you’re learning what her body loves and giving her a vaginal orgasm, which will already blow her mind. Then you can introduce her to that idea that she can squirt once you have the conversation afterwards.
You can say to her, “Hey, you know, did you know that you were close to, you know, having a squirting orgasm, and if you just would’ve pushed out…” Depending on the comfort level she’ll probably be like, “Really?” With that you might be able to help her with the idea of pushing out.
Your Expectations
So, what do you expect when she does ejaculate? This is another question that comes up, because what you oftentimes see in pornography is not a great depiction of what a squirting orgasm looks like. Most of the time it’s not real. We’re not saying that there isn’t some real ejaculations, but a lot of times it’s just staged. One way that you can tell whether or not it is a real squirting orgasm is you can determine is it coming out of her urethra, which is her pee hole. That’s where female ejaculate comes from.
That’s when she truly has an ejaculatory orgasm, and some porn-stars can. But oftentimes it’s more about creating a scene for men to masturbate to, so they will stage the ejaculation. So, all of the sudden fluid comes gushing out of the vagina. That’s not what a squirting orgasm looks like.
A powerful squirting orgasm could soak the wall but a typical squirting orgasm, at least starting out when you first give her one, may just be a little dribble that comes out. This may be because she might of not been ready for this type of situation, or it may be where a little bit of squirt comes out. This is something to build upon. This is something to expect when you’re starting out.
Yes, eventually she may soak the bed or wherever you’re having sex at. She may be able to ejaculate a lot. She may be able to ejaculate often, but starting out, your expectation should be to give her that vaginal orgasm. You got to give it some time and build upon her comfort level. The more comfortable she feels the more she will let go.

Men are so goal-orientated at times that they overlook the whole concept is to become very close with her and direct her mind and body to the best level of pleasure that she could ever, ever hope for. Many times women don’t even know they can have that orgasm, so you can absolutely blow her mind. But don’t ever discount the fact that you even got her close to a vaginal orgasm, and then if you gave her a vaginal orgasm, that’s even better.
If she squirted a little bit, and a little bit came out, that’s a great start. You build upon that because you’re going to know what her body responds to. You’re gonna help her understand that she can let go, and then you can even help her understand that as she strengthens her PC muscles, she’ll be able to even shoot harder and farther and have even stronger orgasms. But you gotta take it one step at a time and not expect a woman to go from never having a squirting orgasm to just soaking the bed.
We’re not saying it can’t happen, but that’s awesome when that happens. But it’s just as equally awesome when she has a great vaginal orgasm, and a little bit comes out. If every time she has a squirting orgasm, it’s super-pleasurable but only a little bit comes out, that is still a squirting orgasm. That is still an incredible experience to give your partner.


After She Squirts

So, she has this huge squirting orgasm. The bed sheets, the bed spread, and even the dresser is wet. You’re smiling from ear to ear and excited that you finally got your partner to squirt but now she feels a little embarrass about what just happen and cant believe she would make such a mess. Right now she is feeling very vulnerable.
It’s something that happens quite often. Not every female get excited over the fact that they just squirted the very first time it happens. It’s your job as her partner to console her and let her know that its okay and what just happen is a very good thing. Try making a joke about yourself something like “ hey I don’t cum until I squirt.” Little comments like this tend to lighten up the mood and get her feeling more comfortable. You want her to feel as comfortable with you as possible because the more she does, the more she will have these powerful orgasms leaving both of you quite satisfied.
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